Lina Becker …

… stands for couture fashion from a traditional house, which does not only include the exclusive Lisiantus collection, but also a line for pregnant brides, Magnolia. In the new season, the characteristic style of Lina Becker, which is festive and particularly elegant, will be continued. Apart from that, the company counts on many new fashion elements and special techniques, even more sensitiveness and unique designs that make the collections stand out from traditional bridal wear. Following the brand slogan “find your dress – be yourself”, Lina Becker aims to enable every bride to find her individual dream dress and thus underline her own elegance and beauty. Therefore, each style will fascinate with a special wow effect, which will immediately give brides the feeling that they have found their perfect dress.

Please note that the creations of Lina Becker, Lisiantus and Magnolia cannot be ordered in showroom E121, but in showroom F107. We apologize for the error in the floor plan of the ABC-Salon Preview magazine.

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